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Tips for Driving in Tokyo (from Narita Airport)

Crowded street with Asakusa lantern in the background.

● Why you should drive in Tokyo / from Narita Airport 
● Preparations for driving in Tokyo 
● Drive time from Narita Airport to spots Spot 
● Introductions for drive in Tokyo area

Why you should drive in Tokyo / from Narita Airport

Woman smiling in a Japanese car and adjusting rearview mirror.

1. Get rid of busy crowds in tram/bus. Transportation in Tokyo is most busy and crowded in the world, especially tram. Driving yourself would make your trip in Tokyo more comfortable and less anxiety.

2. Less walk and more time for enjoy Trip in Tokyo. Your travel will not be restricted by mass transportation time, and you can move/drive to your planned spot at anytime you want.

3. Of course, you can drive to where there is no bus or tram stop, and see more of Japan.

Woman holding two purses and smiling.

4. More space and mobility for luggage / shopping

5. Preparations for drive in Japan

Man in a suit putting a coin in a pink piggy bank.

6. If you travel in a group (over 3 people), driving your self may be a way to save more money.

Preparations for driving in Tokyo

We get some quick tips for your drive in Tokyo.

  1. As for International License/permit, check this 【Link】
  2. As for transportation rules in Japan, check this 【Link】
  3. If you will use GPS in car, check this 【Link】for map codes
  4. if you want to know about insurance plans , check this 【Link】

How much time it takes to drive from Narita Airport to Tokyo Area/Spots

1. 1 hour from Narita Airport to Tokyo (Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Asakusa, Ueno)

2. 1.5-2 hours from Narita Airport to Kanagawa (Yokohama. Kamakura, Yokosuka, Hayama, Miura)

3. 2 hours from Narita Airport to Saitama (Kawakoshi)

4. 2.5-3 hours from Narita Airport to Kawakuchiko / Mountain Fuji

5. 2.5-3 hours from Narita Airport to Narita Hakone

Scenic trip spot introduction for Tokyo Area


Close up of red Asakusa lantern.

One of the must-visit in Tokyo Area. This big red Japanese temple brings Japan style religion and culture experience. The big lantern 「Kaminarimon(雷門)」hung on front door is popular photo spot here , and you would se people crowding here to take photo with it.

You can also see some people putting on traditional Kimono and waling around here that makes a very Japanese scene. Asakusa is definitely worth visiting while driving in Japan.

Crowded street in front of Asakusa shrine.

Tokyo Tower

Aerial night view of Tokyo with an illuminated Tokyo Tower.

One of the most often seen structures in Japan drama / animation, and the very symbol of Tokyo city ( to some visitors). Climb up to the tower top, and you can find beautiful night views of this city.

Ueno Park

Crowded street in front of JR Ueno station.

While March-April, people from world crowd here to enjoy the Cherry Blossom, that makes its popularity and well-knownness.Besides, here are also museums, shrine and zoo, a perfect place for date or family trip.

Japanese red tori gates lined up.

Shinjuku / Shibuya / Harajuku

Crowded street in Toyko with Dotour and 7-Eleven in the background.
Night view of a crowded Tokyo street with many illuminated signs.
Crowded Takeshita street during the afternoon.

Most popular shopping areas in Tokyo. You would find hundreds of shops ,department and all kinds of restaurants here. If you love to shop , don’t miss these place on your visit list.

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