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Why choose NICONICO Rent a Car?

NICONICO Rent a Car makes it easy for you to travel in Japan! We are located near Japan's largest airports and provide free shuttle services to and from the terminals. No Japanese? No problem! All of our airport locations offer services in English, including English directions and paperwork. NICONICO Rent a Car also accepts International Driving Permits. If you are looking for a no-hassle, low cost car rental NICONICO Rent a Car is for you!

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With a large number of locations and world famous Japanese-styled hospitality, it is no wonder that our customers are very satisfied with our services.

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We have convenient locations near various airports and Shinkansen stations.



What's New

NewSponsorship:VISIT JAPAN ASEAN + INDIA Travel Mart 2017 Autumn
Duration: 2017.11.29 Wed – 11.30 Thu
Venue: INTEX OSAKA ( Osaka )Travel and tourism companies from Southeast Asia and India, gathered together and participated in a conference organized by the Japanese government. At the conference there were many business talk sessions in order to create a variety of inbound businesses and enterprises

Grand opening of our newest NICONICO Rent a Car Shop:Haneda Airport
You can now rent cars from Haneda Aiport! Just select the Haneda Airport Location from our reservation section at the top of this page

Sponsorship:VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2017
Duration:Thursday, Sep 21,2017 to Saturday, Sep 23, 2017
Venue:TOKYO BIG SIGHT (Ariake, Tokyo)
We participated in events that overseas visited travel travel agencies, etc. and tourism related businesses throughout Japan gathered together to create various inbound related businesses.

2017/09/11(Mon)- 2017/09/12 (Tue)
Malaysia "2017 Visit Japan Travel Trade Meet" I will participate in the seminar · business meeting!

(1) Hosting Kuala Lumpur Visit to Japan Travel Seminar · Business meeting
· Date and time scheduled: September 11, 2017 (Monday) 14: 00 ~ 17: 30 scheduled
· Venue: Sheraton Imperial Hotel

(2) Penang hosting tourism business talks · mini fair
· Date and time scheduled: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 14: 00 ~ 20: 00 Scheduled
· Venue: G Hotel Gurney

Sponsorship:International Travel Expo Hong Kong, TKS
Duration:Thursday, June 15,2017 to Sunday, June 18, 2017
Venue:Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center(HKCEC)
To customers who visited our booth at NICO NICO RENT A CAR, we also have a nice presernt!
Please drop in by all means.

NICONICO RENT A CAR was featured by Abroadin Japan on youtube!

NICONICO Rent a Car was start the Hokkaido Expressway Pass

Words From Our Customers

It was pretty busy during this season, but I was able to rent a car cheaply so I am very satisfied.

I really appreciated the aiport pick up service. It was a pleasant experience and very cheap.

This is my second time using NICONICO and the staff was very polite. I will be coming back!

I am always satisfied with the amount, correspondence, maintenance situation etc. Other car hire is not likely to be used anymore.

I booked a car very last minute and was still able to get a car smoothly. I'll be using it again.

The shop was very friendly. They made sure I knew everything about the car before leaving.

I am always able to get a car quickly whenever I need it. For somebody without a car like me, it is nice to have NICONICO around.

The interior of the car was very nice

I am a first time user and was very impressed! I will be using NICONICO again.

I always appreciate the great customer service. I will continue to use NICONICO Rent a Car in the future!

I reserved the car from 12:00 and noticed that the car was washed earlier that morning. I noticed because there were some droplets of water under the handle when we were doing the scratch check. It was nice getting a shiny clean car and made me feel good to use it. Thank you very much. I'll be using NICONICO again!

The staff is always so friendly. I really appreciate how they take the time to properly send us off and welcome us back at the end of our trip. Thank you very much and I'll see you again next time!

The service of the employees was quick and easy to understand. As long as there are no problems, I will continue to use NICONICO Rent a Car.

They answered all of my questions over the phone politely, and it made me rent a car from them the same day. Great service.

The staff always responds in a quick and friendly manner. The price is also outstanding. Thank you very much.

The counter was crowded but the staff was able to take care of everyone quickly. The return process was smooth and we saved a lot of money.

I was able to reserve a car with studdless tires and kind explanation. I want to use again next time.

I forgot my smartphone inside of the car, but the staff found it while inspecting the car. Thank you so much!

Because I wanted to go out in the first morning, I went early and was waiting for the procedure, but I coped politely and it was saved because I could start smoothly. Thank you very much.

Although I checked the car in advance in relation to my luggage, it was nice to correspond very kindly. I will also use it.

The staff was very friendly and explained the insurance to me in a clear and understandable way. During the scratch inspection, they noticed scratches that I didn't notice and marked it down. I really appreciated the service. I will be using NICONICO again.

It was my first time using NICONICO Rent a Car so I had a lot of questions over the phone. They were all answered politely. I also wanted to make the departure time as early as possible, and they helped me get a car in the morning. Thanks to them I was able to enjoy my trip as scheduled.

Explanations were very clear. If I ever need to use a rental car again, I will use NICONICO.

The car was in good condition and the price was a lot cheaper than the other rent a cars.

Thank you for taking the time to pick me up and drop me off at the airport!

Thanks to the friendly staff I want to use NICONICO again!

The staff was very friendly. I wish the shop was closer to my house so I could use it again.

I used the car to help my son move for college. I received great service!

The shop staff was very young and energetic

I always use NICONICO Rent a Car and the staff remembers my name. I feel very welcomed and will continue to use NICONICO Rent a Car

I used NICONICO Rent a Car because of how cheap it was.I was very satisfied with the service!

The clerk was friendly and well-mannered.

Thank you again for your kind service. We enjoyed the comfortable drive.

Thank you for caring for my child's safety ~(*^^*) See you next time ~(*^^*)

The woman who helped me was very kind. I will borrow from you again.

The correspondence of the store was really good. I would like to use the same store again.

The staff's smile made me feel good. I also appreciated how they welcomed me back from my trip.

Thank you for answering all of my questions! I will be travelling back to the area in the near future and will use NICONICO again!

The staff helped us with great customer service. Thank you very much!

I always use NICONICO Rent a Car for the price and the great customer service. Please continue to stay this way.

The prices are much lower than that of the other rental car companies, which helps me a lot as a student. Thank you very much!

Compared to other rental car companies, I was able to borrow for a lot cheaper and saved a lot of money.

【2017/10/06 Kclass】
We were happy for the phone conversation and response in the shop. The pick-up service from and to airport was fast,so that we did not need to worry about the flight time.

【2017/10/09 Kclass】
The pick-up service from airport to the shop was fast. It was good that we did not wait for a long time.

【2017/10/03 Sclass】
We are satisfied with the service every time we used. The staffs were polite and kind as well.

【2017/10/15 Sclass】
It was extremely easy to use. We would like to ride on the same car again.

【2017/10/4 Sclass】
We were extremely satisfied that we could rent a great car with low price. It was helpful and smooth to return the car with the registered address in the navigation.

【2017/10/08 Gclass】
We do not have any complaints! We were satisfied with it.

【2017/10/24 Sclass】
We had used the service of several shops and this is comparably with good response,especially for the fast pick-up service from and to the airport.

【2017/09/30 Kclass】
It was very good. They responded great even when there was troubles. Thank you very much.

【2017/09/30 Sclass】
The speedy pick-up service from the start to the airprt was speedly and it helped a lot.

【2017/09/28 Sclass】
We have used for many times and we do not have any complaints. We will use their service after a few days and we are looking forward to it.

【2017/09/28 Sclass】
Thank you for the quick pick-up service to airport.

【2017/09/27 T1class】
It was the first time to use their service and it was very good. They were friendly and patient that made us a great mood. We would like to use their service again after registered for the membership. The price was reasonable too. Thank you very much for every one in the Shin-Yokohama shop.

【2017/09/24 Sclass】
We were able to rent a car with low price few days ago. Thank you very much and we planned to use their service next time.

【2017/09/9 Sclass】
The pick-up serivece and rental procedures were fast. The fee spent on fuel was low and satisfactory as we rented a new car. We were shocked that it was also quick when we returned the car. Our parents also said they will use their service again beause of their hospitality. We will definitely use their service again when we go to Nagasaki.

【2017/09/14 Kclass】
We have used their services for a few times. The service and cost are marvellous! We are happy to use their service again.

【2017/09/23 SPclass】
This is the fifth time that we used their service. For this time, we chose the FIT from Honda, not VITZ we usually had. The car is great with 1300cc hp and it is nearly brand new. As the price is limited to 24 hours rental only, we returned the car earlier, so we can enjoy the low price. The pick-up service was also great that came extremely timely. It is a great rental car system.

【2017/09/23 Sclass】
We enjoyed the service very much because of your big smiles. Thank you very much. We will recommend to our relatives and friends!

【2017/09/24 Kclass】
Thank you very much as always. They responded well and we were able to rent a car without any problems. We are happy to use their service again.

【2017/09/23 Kclass】
It just likes a new car and let my son to drive it very comfortably and happily. If we could, we would like to buy the car which we rented this time. My son also said that the staffs were with great hospitality. We would like to rent a car in this shop for the next time.

【2017/09/23 Kclass】
This was the first time that we used their service in Fukuoka. We drived the car without any discomfortabilities. The staffs also dealed with us very politely. We are happy to use their service again.

【2017/09/14 Sclass】
The car was clean and the staffs were polite with great smiles. We also had a good mood to travel around. Thank you very much.

【2017/09/23 Gclass】
We would like to rent a car which does not use much fuel because the long distance travelling in Hokkaido. We were able to rent the HYBRID with the usual price instead of with additional charges in other companies. No matter the car model is, it will be good to increase the number of HYBRID cars.

【2017/09/13 Gclass】
We are always happy with their service. We usually use the service of this shop. We have used services of several shops, but we think that the response of the staffs in this shop is the best.

【2017/09/14 Sclass】
We were successfully to make a booking in yesterday night. It really helped. The pick-up service from and to the station also made us happy. We are happy to use their service again.

【2017/09/12 Sclass】
The car was clean and the response of the staffs were great. We would like to continue using their service.

【2017/09/3 Kclass】
The response was very good that made us have a good mood. We would like to rent a car here again.

【2017/09/11 Sclass】
We booked the service on the internet that day. We were able to enjoy the car and service. Thank you very much!

【2017/09/16 Sclass】
We would like to rent a car in NICONICO RETACAR when we go to Kagoshima airport.

【2017/09/10 GPclass】
Perhaps because it was a new car which have not been driven for 500 kilometres, we were able to travel on it with a great mood. There was also buses for pick-up service. We are happy to use their service again. Thank you very much.

【2017/09/02 Gclass】
Thank you for dealing with our requests and inquries timely. We rented PRIUS for this time, it was great to have the back monitor as my clerance is not good.

【2017/09/02 Sclass】
We find this service satisfied as we always do and we were treated greater this time. When we were about to depart, a female staff clearly told us a route that was not provided by the navigation. With her help, we could go there cheaply and fastly. We ate Sasabo Burger with the money saved. The male staff who was with us on the way to airport was gentle which made us thought the supervisor also conducted enough education to his staffs. It is a great shop and please maintain the excellent service.

【2017/09/01 Sclass】
We are always well treated when we use this service. We were droven to Fukuoka Airport after we returning the car for this time. We use their service almost every month. The service is great and we are not feeling any unpleasance because of the low price of this service. Its quality of service is the same with other companies.

【2017/09/02 SPclass】
Thank you for responding to our requests quickly. We are not going to use other car rental company except NICONICO Rental Car. It would be great if there is NICONICO rent car in my hometown (Fukutsu-shi).

【2017/09/04 Sclass】
We came without any bookings but we were greatly satisfied with this service. The lady at the reception and the man when we returned the car were polite and with great hospitality. We are happy to use this service again.

【2017/08/16 Sclass】
We went to the one in New Chitose Airport. As we were going to take the first flight, we had to return the car in the early morning. Yet, they responded to us reliably and we were able to spare some time for checking in for the flight. NICONICO Rental Car is cheaper and more reliable than other companies. We can trust their service and we are happy to use their service again.

【2017/09/03 Sclass】
The cost-performance of car rental is the greatest. We appreciated their pick-up service to airport. Procedures of renting and turning are simple and smooth. We have no complaints about their service. We are hoping to use their service again.

【2017/09/03 Gclass】
It was smooth to rent and return the car. We are thinking of using this service again. Thank you very much.

【2017/09/05 Kclass】
We are pleased to come to this shop and we will use this service again.

【2017/08/30 Kclass】
It was thankful to have the pick-up bus from airport and hotel. It was also great to have a fun conservation in the car. Thank you for the great service.

【2017/08/25 Sclass】
It is great and convenient for the pick-up bus and also the response! It is a wonderful shop.

【2017/08/29 Kclass】
It is helpful to have the long working time. It will be nice to be here again.

【2017/08/27 Gclass】
Good customer service. Will use again next time.

【2017/08/27 Sclass】
Very smooth and efficient service. I like it.

【2017/08/27 Kclass】
I had been using other rental car companies but this time they were not available. The staff in Niconico was very nice. Thanks for the great customer service and will use Niconico in future again.

【2017/08/24 SPclass】
Due to family issue, I had to go out from my prefecture urgently and the staff allowed me to change my booking repeatedly and I was able to extend my rental with the aid of the helpful staff. Thank you very much.

【2017/08/24 Sclass】
ETC card rental was fully recharged and it really helped!

【2017/08/24 SPclass】
I have used Niconico for a long time. This time the car I got was very clean with all the equipment I needed.The staff was very kind and helpful too.

【2017/08/24 SPclass】
I put my pet in a cage and I could travel with it. It really helped. Will definitely use again. Thank you.

【2017/08/22 Gclass】
Same before, we did not need to wait for the airport shuttle bus service. Got plenty of time after we arrived at the airport and we could take our time. Many thanks!

【2017/08/21 Sclass】
I made urgent changes and the staff were very helpful. Wanna use again!

【2017/08/20 Fclass】
First time to use. Much cheaper than other rental car companies! Honestly I was nervous before getting the car. But the car was very clean and I had pleasant driving journey. Will use again!

【2017/08/20 Kclass】
The staff explained to us in details and it was easy to understand. I had used Niconico for many times and this was the first time to ask for the airport pickup service. I was a bit surprised as it really helped a lot! Normally the quality of rental car service varies, in term of the availability and the neatness. But, the shop in Yokohama station provided very clean cars.

【2017/08/11 Sclass】
I had been using other rental car companies and this was the first time to use Niconico. Nothing was unsatisfying. Will use it again. Thanks!

【2017/7/2 F Class】
This is the first time to use your service. The staff explained to us in details and the car was good too. We will definitely rent again if we have chance.

【2017/7/1 K Class】
We used the pickup service. Good price with a decent car. Thank you and we will use again.

【2017/6/28 S Class】
Inexpensive and high quality. Excellent customer service and clean car. It was a very good experience. We reserved the car on the previous day and our request was accepted and well handled. We will certainly use this service again.

【2017/6/27 S Class】
Even though we drove a pretty long way, the driving was very comfortable and no problem occurred. If we have the chance again, we will definitely rent this company.

【2017/6/24 S Class】
It was great because we were picked up in Shinyokohama and we had a lot of luggage. Thank you very much.

【2017/6/23 S Class】
Thank you very much for your service. The rental car was clean and the staff is were very polite and helpful. Looking forward to using your service again in the future.

【2017/6/14 K Class】
The staff's attitude was kind and speedy and it was comfortable to use. Also the response to telephone inquiries until rent was concise and easy to understand. Transportation with the airport was speedy and satisfactory.

【2017/6/3 K Class】
I am satisified with new clean car and the staff at the shop were kind and familier. I think that I will also use it next time.



NICONICO RENT A CAR was featured by Abroadin Japan on youtube!