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Pick-Up Procedure

Required for Driving in Japan

1. Reserve a Car

Reserve a Car Online from our Top Page.

2. Call the shop

Arrive at the airport and collect your luggage. Once you are done, call:
to request a shuttle.

3. Wait for the Shuttle

The shuttle will arrive at the designated pick-up area in 10-15 minutes and then take you directly to the shop.

See your shop location for specific details on pick-up procedures.

4. Payment & Documents

After a brief explanation of the rental policy and insurance, your payment will be taken at the counter.

5. Start driving!

The staff will inspect the condition of the vehicle with you. If everything looks fine, you will be ready to depart.

Driving in Japan is fun and easy! Read this guide and learn everything you need to know about Driving in Japan!

6. Return the car

Return the car at your designated shop with a full tank of gasoline and the receipt. The shuttle will then take you back to the airport.