Driving in Kanagawa | Scenic drive to Kamakura, Miura, Yokosuka
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Driving in Kanagawa | Kanagawa Scenic drive | Kamakura, Yokosuka, Hayama, Miura


1.Have road trip in Kanagawa from Tokyo / Narita airport

2.Attractions: Historic Shrines, Warship, Beautiful Sea and Delicious Tuna

3.Drive time

4.Brief tips for road trip destination

Giant bronze buddha in Kamakura.

 Have road trip in Kanagawa from Tokyo / Narita airport

No matter from Narita Airport or Tokyo, Kanagawa prefecture is a very good option for scenic road trip. Different from the metropolitan sceneries in Tokyo, beautiful sea, historic Japan shrines ( Zinja ) , and delicious seafood are the unique experiences you can find here.

This article will note some information and tips for scenic road trip in Kanagawa, about where to visit, what to see and how long it would take to drive. Wish this can be a little help to your visit in Kanagawa.

Sunset view of Mt. Fuji with Enoshima beach in the foreground.

Historic Shrines, Warship, Beautiful Sea and Delicious Tuna

Here is the popular visiting place list :

1.Kamakura (鎌倉): famous for its clusters of historic temples and shrines. Here, you ca experience a traditional version of Japan. Great Buddha statue in Kotokuin is a must-see here.

2.Yokosuka (横須賀): a navy base here. Some military warship fans come here to see them in real size. Here also many delicious curry rice and burger restaurants.

3.Hayama(葉山): museum, shrines, (said to bring good luck to love), beach, and Torii in the sea.

4.Miura(三浦): experience delicious and fresh Tuna dishes, majestic rocky shores, and beautiful beaches here.

Man riding yellow motorcycle on a road along the beach with blue ocean water and horizon in the background.

Drive time

1.If from Narita ,it would take 2 hours to Yokosuka or Hayama; 1 hour and 55 minutes to Kamakura;2 hour 20 minutes to Miura

2.If from Tokyo ,it would take 1 hours 10 minutes to Yokosuka or Hayama; 1 hour and 20 minutes to Kamakura;1 hour 30 minutes to Miura

3.If from Yokohama ,it would take 40 minutes to Yokosuka or Hayama; 45 minutes to Kamakura;1 hour to Miura

Brief tips for road trip destination  

Rocks in the ocean with a red tori gate on one of them.
Morito Shrine


Hayama is on east side of Miura Peninsula island and close to sea. Ishhiki beach(一色海岸), Morito Shrine and Hayama museum are popular sightseeing spots here. Also, when good weather, you would see mountain Fuji here.

U.S. Aircraft carrier docked at Yokosuka Naval Base.


Yokosuka has a famous Military port in Japan. To Japan warship fans, here is a rare place to see real ones. Besides, you can find many restaurants selling good burger and curry rice.

Rounded cliff edges near the ocean water.


Miura is with rich natural views, especially beautiful sea and rocky shore. That,s why you can many couples or family traveling here together. Sunset is the romantic and magic moment here you should not miss.

Before the end of day trip here, don’t forget the tuna. Miura is one of big tuna market in Japan, visitors can enjoy varieties of fresh tuna dished here. Tuna rice, tuna sashimi and eve tuna ramen. Give them a try and you will know how fresh and delicious tuna taste like.

Silhouette of a couple standing on ocean rocks in the sunset.

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