Niconico Rent a Car Insurance

In the event of an accident, you will receive the following compensation (Deductibles are paid by the customer).

What is CDW? (Collisions Damage Waiver)

All rentals made through NICONICO Rent a Car include insurance and the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). In the event of an accident, you may be exempted from paying the deductible for property and car damages charged to you (50,000 yen each). Please note that this is applicable only to the first accident in the case that multiple accidents take place during the same rental contract.

What is single-car accident?

A single-car accident is when damage occurs to the rented car that is not the result of a collision with another moving car. An accident where the rented car is crashed into a guardrail or utility pole, run-off road collisions, hit-and-runs, etc. In the occurrence of a single-car accident, you will be required to pay for the damage, up to a maximum of 50,000 yen.

What is NOC (Non Operation Charge)?

In the event of a car accident, car theft, car breakdown or stains/damage to the car and the car needs to be repaired and/or cleaned, the fees below will be charged as compensation for business interruption during the maintenance/cleaning period. If the car is able to be driven back to the scheduled shop 20,000 yen will be charged; if the car is not able to be driven back to the scheduled shop 50,000 yen will be charged. If you purchased the Safety Plan, you will be exempted from the NOC. *In the case that the vehicle cannot be driven, you will be charged for towing.

If an accident occurs

In the occurrence of a vehicle accident, please assist the wounded, notify the police, and file a report. In the case that others are involved, be sure to collect information from the other party (License plate number, name, vehicle owner’s name, insurance company, and contact information) and then call NICONICO Rent a Car’s Emergency Contact Number.

Provision of aid to the injured

Assist the wounded

Notify the police

Confirm the other party

Contact NICONICO Rent a Car's emergency contact