Can I rent a car if I do not have my driver’s license with me when I pick up the car?
No. Without a valid driver's license present at the time of the reservation, the staff is not legally allowed to lend you a rental vehicle.
Am I able to rent a car if I have an international driving permit?
Yes. Please be sure that your International Driving Permit is valid under the Geneva Convention of 1949. Beware of buying fake IDPs. All invalid IDPs will not be accepted.
Do children have to use a child safety seat?
According to the Japanese Road Traffic Law, the driver is required to have children under the age of 6 use a child safety seat when riding in a vehicle.
Can I reserve a GPS navigation system?
All Passenger cars and minivans are equipped with GPS navigation systems as a standard feature and are provided free of charge. Languages in English/Japanese/Chinese/Korean
Can we rent a car if we cannot speak Japanese?
Yes you can! Multilingual guides and contracts are provided. All cars also come with Multilingual Navigation Systems (EN/CN/KR/JP).