NICONICO租車 | 機場接駁流程 (抵達指定地點-打電話聯絡店鋪-上車-取車)
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Pick-Up Procedure

Required for Driving in Japan

1. 預約租車

Reserve a Car Online from our Top Page.

2. 聯絡店鋪

Arrive at the airport and collect your luggage. Once you are done, call:
to request a shuttle.

3. 等候接駁巴士


See your shop location for specific details on pick-up procedures.

4. 付款與完成文件手續


5. 開始自駕旅程!

店員會與您一起檢查車輛狀況。 確認後便可出發。

Driving in Japan is fun and easy! Read this guide and learn everything you need to know about Driving in Japan!

6. 歸還車輛

回程時到加油站入滿油,並保留收據,在指定店舖還車。 免費機場接駁巴士將帶您返回機場。