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Hokkaido Expressway Pass (HEP)

What is the Hokkaido Expressway Pass (HEP)?

The Hokkaido Expressway Pass is a pass that gives you unlimited access to Hokkaido’s expressways on a flat rate scale. Most of Japan’s expressways collect tolls. These toll gates are located near the entrances of the expressways, and require you to pay a toll every time you come across one. The Hokkaido Expressway pass saves you money by providing you unlimited access to the expressways at a predetermined price.

A person inserting an ETC card into the ETC reader inside of a car

Inserting an ETC card into the ETC card reader

How much does it cost?

The Hokkaido Expressway Pass’ cost is dependent on how many days you rent the pass for. You can see the price for your rental duration in the table below. Prices include ETC card rental

Rental Duration Price (Yen)
1 Days ¥4,030
2 Days ¥4,030
3 Days ¥5,530
4 Days ¥6,630
5 Days ¥7,130
6 Days ¥7,630
7 Days ¥8,130
8 Days ¥8,730
9 Days ¥9,230
10 Days ¥9,830
11 Days ¥10,330
12 Days ¥10,830
13 Days ¥11,330
14 Days ¥11,830

How do I use it?

The Hokkaido Expressway Pass is connected to the ETC Card, or Electronic Toll Collection card. Thus, in order to use the Hokkaido Expressway Pass, you must also rent an ETC card. Do not worry, the price of the ETC card is very cheap (324JPY for your entire rental duration).

The ETC card is simply inserted into the ETC reader inside of the vehicle (usually located in or around the glove-box). When it comes time to pay tolls, you will see several toll gates. Make your way to any gate that has a sign labelled “ETC” or “ETC/一般” (as long as you see the letters ‘E-T-C’ you will be fine, regardless of what the rest of the Japanese characters say). Slow your vehicle down to 20km/hr as you approach the gate arm. Your ETC device located inside your vehicle should make a loud sound, notifying you that the ETC payment went through. The gate arm will lift and you can continue on your way down the expressway.

ETC toll gate

Expressway toll gate for ETC cards

Can I rent it with my car?

Yes! NICONICO Rent a Car is permitted to issue the Hokkaido Expressway Pass. To add a Hokkaido Expressway Pass to your rental, simply book a car from the Top Page and add the Hokkaido Expressway Pass in the third step (Select Extras).

For more information about the Hokkaido Expressway Pass, please see this website: [Foreign Visitors to Japan Only] Hokkaido Expressway Pass

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