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DonQuijote Coupons

NICONICO Rent a Car has partnered with DonQuijote to offer our customers discounts when they shop!
Simply choose the coupon you would like to use on your mobile device and show the bar-code to the cashier.

How to Use:

  • 1. Click on the “Redeem Now” button below
  • 2. Tap on the coupon you want to use
  • 3. Show the barcode to the cashier

Terms and Conditions

  • – The coupon may only be used once
  • – Screenshots of the coupon will not be accepted
  • – Can only be used by foreign visitors who are eligible for tax exemption
  • – The coupon cannot be used with certain products such as alcohol, cigarettes, and POSA cards
  • – The coupon cannot be used with another discount, service, or Majica Card
  • – You may be asked to present your passport or other identification card for verification

2,000JPY OFF on purchases over 30,000JPY (Not including tax)
500JPY OFF on purchases over 10,000JPY (Not including tax)