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Image of the NICONICO Rent a Car - X Class shop store front.

SUV Rental in Japan

The SUV Class (X Class) is the newest addition to the NICONICO Rent a Car fleet!

Nothing beats the feeling of freedom and relaxation of driving through Hokkaido’s countryside, especially when you are doing it in an SUV.

Our SUV Class is a comfortable ride that offers more space than the typical 5-Passenger Sedan and is offered at the same price. The vehicle seats 4-5 people (4 recommended) and has enough trunk space for 3 medium suitcases or 2 large ones.

There is only one car model offered in this class, so you will be guaranteed a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (All new models!).

The SUV is equipped with a Multilingual GPS as a standard.

Enjoy the ultimate Japan driving experience with the NICONICO Rent a Car X Class!

  • Car Models:

    Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

  • Passengers:


  • Suitcases:


  • Additional Info:

    Available at New Chitose, Narita, and Haneda locations.

  • Price:

    1 Hour : 3,000~JPY
    6 Hours: 7,000~JPY
    12 Hours: 8,000~JPY
    24 Hours: 11,000~JPY

  • Long-Term Rental Discount Rates:

    1 Week: 61,600~JPY
    1 Month: 200,000~JPY