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Narita Airport


351-1, Tokko, Narita-shi, Chiba, 286-0106, Japan

Regular Hours
  • everyday 08:00-20:00

One-Way Rental is available between the Narita and Shin-Yokohama Shops for an additional 8,000JPY. If you are interested in a One-Way Rental, simply book a reservation as normal and you will receive a confirmation email. Reply to that confirmation email stating that you would like to do a One-Way Rental.

Support payment

How to Access

Departure - From Narita Airport to our shop

Access to Narita Airport Branch Shop from Narita Airport

We provide a free Shuttle Bus Pick-Up Service From Narita Airport

Our shuttle bus looks like the one pictured above

We do not have a counter in the Airport Terminal 
When you reach the Pick-Up location closest to you (Pick-Up locations are listed below), please call our shop and tell the operator that you made a reservation with NICONICO Rent a Car and would like to be picked up. 
Number : 092-687-4556 
※If you would like to use the free bus/shuttle service, please let us know in advance. 
Just send us an e-mail titled 'Narita Shuttle' to ( with your Name, Reservation Number, and whether or not you would like a free Shuttle drop-off as well (when you return the rental car).

From Terminal 1

The designated Pick-Up location for Terminal 1 is located at Bus Stop No.17

S3 Exit

① Head towards ‘Exit S3’ after leaving customs.


② After exiting the building via ‘Exit S3,’ cross the crosswalk that is immediately straight ahead.

Bus stop No.17

③ After crossing, turn to the right and you will see “Bus Stop No.17.”

Guide video

From Terminal 2

The designated Pick-Up location for Terminal 2 is located at Bus Stop No.24

North Entrance

① Head towards ‘North Entrance 3’ after leaving customs.


② After exiting the building via ‘North Entrance 3,’ cross the crosswalk that you see to your left.

Bus Stop No.24

③ After crossing, turn to the right, you will see “Bus Stop No.24.”

Guide video

From Terminal 3

The designated Pick-Up location for Terminal 3 is located at Bus Stop No.24, which is located at Terminal 2. You will ride the Airport Shuttle Bus (provided by the airport free of charge) to get from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2.

① After leaving customs in Terminal 3 1F,
Please ride the escalator up to the 2nd floor..
② Go to the Terminal Connection Bus Stop on the 2nd Floor
(See the red line in the figure above for reference)
③ Get on the terminal contact bus at Terminal 3 and get off the bus at Terminal Connection Bus Stop at Terminal 2 .
Get off the Airport Shuttle Bus at Bus Stop No.1.
④ Walk for the Bus Stop No.5 and cross the crosswalk.
⑤ After crossing, turn to the right, you will see "Bus Stop No.24."

Walking to the Shop from Terminal 3

Exit Narita Airport and walk along the sidewalk. You should arrive at the store in approximately 15 minutes .

Returning - From the store to the airport

Please return your car to the shop before going to the airport.
After you have returned your rental car, we will provide you a free shuttle ride back to Narita Airport.
※ The shuttle bus is only allowed to make drop-offs at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
To get to Terminal 3, get off at Terminal 2 and get on the (free) Airport Shuttle Bus bound for Terminal 3.