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Free Wifi Included with Car Rental

Free pocket Wifi router offered free with any car rental made at the NICONICO rent a car website.
  • 4G LTE
  • Unlimited Data
  • Pick-Up at Shop
  • Free for entire rental duration

NICONICO Rent a Car is providing free Pocket Wifi rentals to all customers that book a car through our website: NICONICO Rent a Car website.

This free service is valid for all bookings, all vehicles, and all rental locations. Losing or damaging the pocket Wifi device will result in a 30,000JPY fee.

What is pocket Wifi?
Pocket Wifi is a portable device that enables you to tether your electronics and connect to a 4G/4G LTE network.

How long can I use the pocket Wifi?
The pocket Wifi is free for the entire duration of your rental. There are no usage limits or data limits. It is unlimited.

How do I receive the pocket Wifi?
The Pocket Wifi will be prepared with your vehicle and you will receive it at the shop counter.

Damage/Loss Fees
Although the pocket Wifi is offered as a free service, we request that customers be careful with the device and make sure not to lose it.

In the case where a customer loses the device, they will be required to pay the fees listed below:

  • Pocket Wifi Device:30,000円
  • Carrying Case:2,000円
  • Charger & Cable:2,000円
  • Manual:3,000円
  • Battery:8,000円