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Traffic Rules & International Driving Permit in Japan

Driver’s License Requirements

1.International Driving Permit

International driving permits issued by a certifying body in one of the signatory countries/territories of the Geneva Convention based on the format of the Geneva Convention. Please present your passport as well.

International driving permit under Convention of Road Traffic of 1949. 
※International driving permits are valid for one (1) year from the date of issue (please confirm the date of issue) and their validity for driving in Japan is one (1) year from the date of entry into Japan (confirmed by the immigration stamp in the passport showing the date of entry into Japan).
※Persons on the basic resident register who leave Japan and subsequently re-enter the country within less than three (3) months, will not have their re-entry date considered as their date of entry (the start date for driving eligibility in Japan).
※For operating vehicles with more than nine (9) seats, including the driver’s seat, a stamp in the category D box is required. (Applicable car type: Class W-B or larger minivans and microbuses)

Signatory countries to the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic

(Geneva Convention As of Sep 2017)

Area Country name
Asia Philippines / India / Thailand / Bangladesh / Malaysia / Singapore / Sri Lanka / Cambodia / Laos / Republic of Korea
Middle East Turkey / Israel / Syria / Cyprus / Jordan / Lebanon / United Arab Emirates
Africa South Africa / Central African Republic / Egypt / Ghana / Algeria / Morocco / Botswana / Republic of the Congo / the Democratic Republic of the Congo / Benin / Cote d'Ivoire / Lesotho / Madagascar / Malawi / Mali / Niger / Rwanda / Senegal / Sierra / Leone / Togo / Tunisia / Uganda / Zimbabwe / Namibia / Burkina / Faso / Nigeria
Europe U.K. / Greece / Norway / Denmark / Sweden / Netherlands / France / Italy / Russia / Serbia / Montenegro / Spain / Finland / Portugal / Austria / Belgium / Poland / Ireland / Hungary / Romania / Iceland / Bulgaria / Malta / Albania / Luxembourg / Monaco / San Marino / Vatican / Kyrgyz Republic / Georgia / Czech Republic / Slovak Republic
America United / States / Canada / Peru / Cuba / Ecuador / Argentine / Chile / Paraguay / Barbados / Commonwealth of Dominica / Guatemala / Haiti / Trinidad and Tobago / Venezuela / Jamaica
Pacific New Zealand / Fiji / Australia / Papua New Guinea
Special Administrative Region Hong Kong / Macao

2. Foreign Driver’s License and its Japanese Translation

What is Japanese translation issued by an authorized organization?
Authorized Japanese translation of the driver’s license should be issued by the respective country’s embassy or consulate in Japan or by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF). For Taiwanese licenses, a Japanese translation of the driver’s license should be issued by the JAF or the East Asia Relations Commission.
※Translations are valid for one (1) year from the date of entry into Japan. Please present your passport so we can confirm the date of entrance.

A foreign driver's license that can drive in Japan with a Japanese translation

Country name
Switzerland / Germany / France / Belgium / Slovenia / Monaco / Taiwan

3. Japanese Driver’s License

You are only permitted to drive vehicle types allowed by the classification of your Japanese driver's license.


Only for US service members in Japan. If the permit is only for BASE ONLY, please also show your original State’s license as well.


1.How to Make a Reservation

Please select the following on the booking screen

Additional equipment

Options Notes Rate
Car Navigation System Available free of charge for all vehicle types.
ETC card reader Available free of charge for all vehicle types.
To use ETC, you need to have an ETC card.
ETC card We have ETC cards available for rent at the following locations:
New-Chitose Airport, Narita Airport and Fukuoka Airport.
350 yen/for 9days
1080 yen/for 10+days
Child Safety Seat Age: 9 months - 4 years
Height: 65cm - 100cm
Weight: 9kg - 15kg
540 yen/day
Junior Safety Seat Age: Over 4 years
Height: Up to 138cm
Weight: Up to 36kg
540 yen/day
Hokkaido Expressway Pass(HEP) With the Hokkaido Expressway Pass,
enjoy unlimited use of Hokkaido’s expressways, for one fixed price!
The service is only available to foreign visitors to Japan!
Be sure to rent the ETC card together with your vehicle.

※To chancel a reservation, please submit a cancellation form.
The following cancellation charges will apply in the event of a cancellation. The maximum fee of cancellation: 4,300 yen.
‧Up to 3 days prior to the date of rental:Charges do not apply.
‧Up to 2 day prior to the date of rental:30% of the basic rate.
‧Date of rental:50% of the basic rate.

2. Pick-up

Free shuttle service

If you would like to use the free shuttle service, please call to +81-92-687-4556
When you reach at pick up point and tell the operator that you would like to be picked up except Fukuoka Airport.

The following items are needed

Please make sure to bring the following items with you:
 1.International driving permit or authorized Japanese translation of your driver’s license + Original driver’s license or Japanese driver’s license
 3.Credit card

Signing the Rental Agreement

After you have read and understood the contents of the Rental Agreement, will require you to sign the document.


We only accept credit cards.

Acceptable cards are Visa, DC, MasterCard, UFJ, JCB, NICOS, Amex, Diners, MUFG


Check if there are any scratches or dents on the car with our office staff before departing.
After a thorough vehicle inspection with you, we will hand the keys over! 

3. Return

Before returning the car, please fill the tank up with gasoline at the nearest gas station and bring back the fuel receipt. (If refilling the tank is not possible, you will be charged for fuel based on the actual mileage traveled.) After arriving at the office where you return, our staff will check the car for any scratches or dents. Charges/refunds will then be issued to your balance. Make sure to take all of your belongings with you.


1.Precautions When Driving a Car in Japan

2. Precautions regarding traffic rules

3. Traffic Signs

4. Guide Signs

5. How to Fuel the Vehicle